A kinetic installation.
An array of moving heads, displayed in a geometric configuration, a circle in this case, is programmed to deliver a choreography. The light shutter is opened with parsimony as the focus is put on the movements and the sounds of the motors: central are the moving heads themselves rather than the light patterns produced.
Instead of hidden in the scene in this situation the moving heads become the protagonists.
For this first prototype twenty smaller moving heads were used. Bigger and louder lamps are preferred as their presence, size and distance of observation should convey a slight feeling of menace to the audience.
A custom written software acts both as an editor and a player. It permits to mix forms created by hand, put in sequence in a keyframe-like fashion, with procedurally generated movements (loops, randoms, patterns, etc.). The visual representation of the moving heads on screen allows editing while not connected to the DMX newtork or off-place.
The patterns are finally put in a semi-random order, alternating fast and calm moments.

Exhibited at Lab-Comacina, Lugano
during the 9th edition of Festa Danzante / Tanzfest / Fête de la Danse.
Produced by Arturo Produzioni.
Designed and developed with Sidi Vanetti.

fari editor