An event for a magazine launch.
Number 10 of Artichoke was presented in a beautiful building in Lugano. The magazine and the event are designed by the 3rd year of the bachelor students in visual communication at SUPSI.
One of the emerged ideas was to build a huge pattern on the floor with the magazines, film it from top with a camera and replay a timelapse of it in “real time”: each new frame had to be captured and appended to the actual sequence. Public pick up a copy, destroying the pattern and being part of the time-lapse.
The magazine cover was also designed with the event in mind: front cover in white and back cover in black.
Budget was very tight so I decided to use a GoPro camera equipped an Eye-Fi wireless SDHC memory to record the timelapse. The camera is also very light so it was easy to fix it on a ceiling lamp. I also needed an SD to MicroSD adapter which i found for a few bucks.
Once the images were transferred to a server they were undistorted, cropped and color balanced via a Photoshop droplet (can be automated via shell). A Processing app “listened” to a destination folder for new images and loaded them into a sequence which, projected, could be controlled by the public with a simple knob.